Exploring Osaka: Part Two

9:08 AM

We landed in Japan about 11 AM, Friday. We were jam-packed on Saturday because we spent the whole day touring Kyoto (which I'll talk about on a different post), and by Sunday morning, I felt frustrated because we still weren't able to eat as much as I would have liked. We planned to head to Dotonbori in hopes of having a much-awaited food trip, and along our way we stumbled upon something even better. Perhaps all we needed was a little bit of patience (and trust in our universe), because we happened to pass by Kuromon Ichiba Market.

There I was, focused on capturing Osaka's beautiful streets, and then my mom suddenly cries out my name with surprised glee. I look up from my camera and see her pointing to this large entrance with quirky things such as fish and crabs hanging from the ceiling, and I knew that we found a hidden gem; the one that I've been searching for. I went crazy and just dived right in!

In this place, you’ll be able to understand the essence of Japanese cuisine and taste firsthand how food is at the heart of the city. Osaka proudly presents itself as the 'Kitchen of Japan' where good food is served everywhere, and it's true! In every district, streets are lined with an obscene amount of food choices. One of its distinct features are its markets, which is a long strip of shopping lane where you can find everything: kitchen items, tax-free goods, cosmetics, and the most important part of all is its endless streak of delectable, freshly-made food. 

There are grocery stores inside the market district as well as stalls of street food filled with the ff: meat (including Kobe beef), fresh sushi, sashimi, fried tempura and vegetables, crabs, lobsters, and so much more!!

The only possible thing that could leave a bad taste in your mouth are the rates and expenses, but that's entirely up to you on how you'd make the most of it. Take the time to explore the city before going into famous landmarks. Treat her like you would a first date - take things slow and get comfortable before diving into her depths.

For those people who know me, they understand how much of a fan I am to Japanese food. Also, I have this growing obsession with sushi - I can eat it all day, simply because of it's subtle taste. It's delicious yet it isn't overwhelming, and it honestly just leaves me craving for more. Luckily for me, there's also a grocery store near the place we stayed in. A friend once told me that you can get to know a country's food through it's convenient stores, and Japan certainly doesn't disappoint. In fact, it blew my mind away! Who knew convenient store sushi (plus curry and other things) would taste as good (or even better) than our high-end, local sushi restaurants? It was honestly one of the best things in Japan, weirdly enough, because we got to satisfy our cravings even at the wee hours of the night!

Next post will be about Universal Studios.

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